Meet Dr. Chao

Dr. David Chao was the San Diego Chargers’ team doctor for 17 years. Prior to his years with the Chargers, he earned his undergraduate degree at Harvard University. Doc has a unique ability to quickly diagnose injuries and assess their impact on performance, recovery and season-long value.

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What is Pro Football Doc


The Injury Index™

24 hours prior to each game, Doc’s subscribers receive access to his proprietary Injury Index, an in-depth injury assessment of each team’s overall health, and offense/defense injury health - even drill downs to pass/rush units are covered. All ratings are expressed as letter grades for easy reference. It’s perfect for game-day decisions as well as fantasy drafts and lineup management! Credible real-time injury analysis and team health status.


Doc assesses breaking injury news constantly as it occurs, and with 95% verified accuracy. You’ll love his real time updates, chats, and other alerts during Game Day and throughout the week, produced with a single mission—to give pro football fans the reliable player performance predictions and injury summaries that they normally would not have access to.


Pro Football Doc creates video throughout the week! Game Day videos cover his early review of all of the latest injury information, half-time updates, and post-game wraps. Need to know the severity of a key player’s injury? Listen to Doc!

Field View (coming in Week 5)

Field View allows Doc’s subscribers to understand each game’s relative health at a glance. Each position is color graded by green (OK), yellow (marginal), or red (impaired) status so that you can determine when injuries will likely impact your team or player’s performance. Fantasy players will especially will love this feature, and will use it all season long to manage team rosters and substitutions.

Dr Chao's injury information is indispensable and I rely on it and incorporate it into my national TV analysis. He treats and performs surgery on NFL players, myself included. That is why Doc knows what's up with injuries and when a player will return.

-Marshall Faulk, HOF Member and National Network Analyst